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Jewish Soul Food

Monday, September 13th, 2010

It might seem strange to think about food for a holiday about fasting, but that’s just what I did when AOL asked me to write some recipes for Yom Kippur – break-the-fast, that is. Stranger still, I am STILL thinking about it! (Well, let’s face it…it’s not that strange, especially if you know me.)

herring blintzes rugelach quiche

Should I make some blintzes with cherry sauce, or just some chocolate chip rugelach? I do make the blintzes fairly often, as it is hands down my son’s and husband’s favorite breakfast. My Great (and great) Aunt Candy will be serving her legendary kugel, so I can cross that off my list. I already prepared some pickled herring with apples and walnuts as a Rosh Hashanah hors d’oeuvre; but maybe I’ll pick up some matjes herring from Russ & Daughters. If I end up with leftover smoked salmon I absolutely will make a “lox, eggs, and onions” quiche.

What is your favorite break-the-fast food?