Quick Kids Lemonade

My son is obsessed with lemonade. Not the bottled or powdered kind, but the real deal. Every day during this hot and humid summer I allow him a glass of chilled happiness in the form on 8 ounces water, 2 teaspoons agave and the juice of half a lemon (plus a handful of ice cubes, of course, to let the sweet and tangy elixir last). I make two glasses at a time using one lemon. Quick, easy, healthy, natural, and utterly refreshing. Give it a try and you’ll never drink the fake stuff again.

Three easy ways to get the kids involved to help make the lemonade:
1. Have the kids roll the lemons back and forth on a cutting board to loosen the juices.
2. Pass the measuring spoon to tiny hands to measure the honey.
3. Let the children stir the lemonade until thoroughly mixed.

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